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With SafeSoft’s Cloud Call Center software, you just open a browser, login and start talking to customers. Customer calls are delivered through the cloud directly to your USB headset and your personal computer at home or at the office. We can remotely provide intelligent call routing, screen pops, IVR services, predictive dialing, preview dialing, skills-based routing, CRM, call recording and much, much more.


  • Hosted IVR
  • ACD Intelligent Routing
  • CTI Screen Pop
  • Toll-Free Numbers
  • Local Numbers
  • Voicemail


  • Built-in CRM
  • Custom Reporting
  • Branch Scripting
  • Embedded Web-form
  • Call-time Rules
  • Campaign Hot Keys

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  • Predictive Dialing
  • Preview Dialing
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Custom Lead Recycling
  • Lead Scrubbing
  • Campaign Quotas

Combining best capabilities of inbound and outbound dialing/call management to optimize Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

Using Data to Improve Results

Posted by Nima Hakimi on Mar 24, 2015 8:30:00 AM

Your lead generators, sales staff, and managers are all working hard to keep the funnel moving and make your targeted projections when it comes to customer sales. But in the midst of all that busy work, it’s worth asking: how do you know who it is you’re selling to?

In this post, we want to address the ways you can use data to more accurately detail the customer portrait your team is working from, and more intelligently target that customer through number of dials, times of day to call, shaping the message, etc. This kind of digitally stored data is gathered by companies through a variety of sources including data digs through social media (hashtags, online mentions of names, keywords, images, etc.), information purchased from third parties, and information gathered internally.

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How Can We Help

We employ a comprehensive, closed-loop customer engagement model throughout every step of your interaction with us – from sales to implementation and beyond. This ensures you are satisfied every step of the way. Your team will consist of a Sales Consultant, an On-Boarding Technical Specialist and an Account Manager.


Our predictive dialer automates your outbound dialing and frees your sales team to focus on live sales calls. This means better sales prospecting, qualification, nurturing and conversion.


The software automatically tracks your inbound and outbound marketing campaigns and provides you with the performance metrics needed to optimize your promotional efforts.

Customer Service

Callers are automatically routed to the most skills-appropriate, available agent who already knows their identity and purchase history. “Hello Mr. Stephenson, what can we help you with today?”

The Importance of Lead Velocity

In the world of sales identifying the right measurements are critical. As the old saying goes, what gets measured gets done. While there is a lot of debate about what should be measured, if you’re focused on lead generation, there is clearly one number that rises above all other…Qualified Lead Velocity. Lead Velocity measures the growth of your qualified leads, month-over-month. It gives you a picture into the future of pipeline. Lead Velocity needs to be growing faster than your growth goals, or you won’t hit your targets. Lead Velocity is a powerful forward indicator because your lead generation team has the direct ability to impact the number, and it is directly tied to results. As you develop your lead generation program make sure that Qualified Lead Velocity is a key metric you focus on.

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