#1 Cloud Contact Center Solution for small/medium businesses

Telephone Sales

More and more businesses are relying on phone-based sales to increase market share, boost revenues, and maximize profitability. Web-hosted predictive dialing systems can help facilitate more efficient and more effective telephone sales operations.

The numbers game

Selling over the phone is, simply put, a game of numbers. The more calls a group of sales agents can make in any given period of time, the more products and services they will sell. In most industries, the average order ratio for telesales hovers around three or four percent. So, its safe to assume that a company that can make 100 calls a day will close three or four deals, while its competitor that is equipped to make 1,000 calls per day will land 30 or 40 new clients.

Improving call volume

A predictive dialer system eliminates the need for agents to waste time on manual dialing activities. Calls are dynamically initiated and transferred to a sales agent only when a live person has answered. Therefore, a higher volume of calls can be made in a shorter period of time. Studies show that organizations that leverage predictive dialing technologies can experience outbound call volume increases of as much as 400 percent.

With a predictive dialer in place, agents no longer need to perform manual dialing activities. They can devote the bulk of their time and effort to interacting with existing and potential customers, nurturing sales opportunities, promotion products and services, and closing deals.

Features include:

  • Quickly create and import calling lists for each collection campaign
  • CRM system provides customer knowledge for increased effectiveness
  • Powerful data collection and management enhances sale opportunities
  • Predictive dialing increases call volume and payment promises
  • Specify how many call attempts and what time frames
  • Compliance to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Track progress & performance of each rep, call and campaign
  • Call monitoring and recording for quality and training purposes
  • Call Recording for dispute resolution
  • Easy to learn and use makes reps productive in record time
  • Reps may work from any Internet connection even at home
  • No software or servers to buy, the system is on-demand & Web-hosted
  • A complete package – for one affordable monthly fee per seat