#1 Cloud Contact Center Solution for small/medium businesses


Published media is a highly competitive business that requires a complete focus on your core competencies. If you manage a subscriber base for a magazine or any other publication you know exactly what this means. There are simply too many details and distractions. The Market Dialer from SafeSoft Solutions is what you need to help you simplify your operation.

Improve calling efficiency

By eliminating manual dialing, voice messages, busy signals and Fax machines a rep can increase their call volume by 200 to 400%. This translates into fewer employees doing a more effective job. And with work-at-home capabilities and powerful reporting you can track rep success and make their job a more satisfying experience.

Web forms automate the subscription process

Customized Web forms automatically appear on the rep’s screen when that live call is answered. A subscriber profile can be displayed as well as a scripted data collection process. Your reps will feel more prepared and confident in their work.

Fast low cost notifications for renewels

And when simple expiration notifications are your need you can utilize the SafeSoft Call Blitzer. Customers who are reaching the end of their subscriptions can receive broadcast announcements that raise awareness and can even alert them to special offers. What’s more, they are able to respond with a transfer to a live agent for help with their subscription needs.

Features include:

  • Quickly create and import calling lists for each collection campaign
  • Subscribe profile information with scripted guidance for increased effectiveness
  • Powerful data collection and management enhances sale opportunities
  • Predictive dialing increases call volume and payment promises
  • Specify how many call attempts and what time frames
  • Track progress & performance of each rep, call and campaign
  • Call monitoring and recording for quality and training purposes
  • Easy to learn and use makes reps productive in record time
  • Reps may work from any Internet connection even at home
  • No software or servers to buy, the system is on-demand & Web-hosted
  • A complete package – for one affordable monthly fee per seat