Deliver Highly Personalized Service and Support

Improve CSAT and NPS Scores using Inbound Contact Center Software


Deliver Personalized Service

In an age where products become commoditized and companies struggle to stand out from the competition, customers often times pick their providers based on price and service. When a customer or prospect calls in to your organization, you want to be able to service their needs immediately and sufficiently so you can impress them with your service. This can go a long way toward customer loyalty. Statistics show that 70 percent of consumers would spend 10 percent more with a company if it delivered superior customer service.

A negative experience, on the other hand, can have equally impactful results. Customers that have a poor experience are two times more likely to share their bad customer service experience than they are to talk about positive experiences.

SafeSoft’s Omni Contact Center helps you stay on the good side of customer service delivery by arming your organization with a set of tools that can help you deliver more personalized, more efficient and more effective customer service.

  • Hosted IVRCustomers can pre-select options via interactive voice response to be directed to the most appropriate agent based on their specific needs.
  • CTI Screen PopWhen the system routes a caller to an agent, it automatically populates the agent’s screen with the person’s contact information, purchasing history, calling history, and so on.
  • Automatic Call RoutingThe system will automatically route incoming callers to the most available and appropriate agent based on skills and knowledge.
  • Call RecordingSupervisors can go back and listen to a sampling of calls per agent to identify areas for customer service improvement.
  • AnalyticsSupervisors can assess agent performance based on real-time performance analytics.
  • Call MonitoringEvaluators can listen in on select calls to ensure agents are providing the best service possible.
  • Built-In CRMThe system manages and tracks current and future customers, including their contact information, purchasing history, your team’s outreach history with the prospect, etc. so your agents know everything they need to about the caller in order to provide the best experience possible.
  • Custom Inbound NumbersQuickly and easily provision unique custom inbound numbers for each campaign so callers will be routed to the agent familiar with the specific promotion or service.