#1 Cloud Contact Center Solution for small/medium businesses


Customer-centric businesses have many reasons to contact their customer communities. From government mandated safety notices to shipping confirmations and product change reviews the list is almost endless.

Two efficient solutions

The Market Dialer and Call Blitzer from SafeSoft Solutions provides low-cost solutions for customer notifications, confirmations and compliance. You will reach maximum number of customers with a minimum number of employee man-hours.

Track and report notifications and compliance

SafeSoft Solutions provides a powerful collection of historical and real-time reporting that makes command and control easy and effective. Now the results of notifications, confirmation and compliance can be documented and reported as required by the business or the government.

Gather critical business information

And just like any customer contact this can be a real opportunity to improve your business by collecting information that can be critical to sales, marketing and business planning. Our CRM feature set allows you to capitalize on every customer interaction, making each contact into an opportunity to gather critical customer knowledge.

Features include:

  • Quickly create and import calling lists for each customer campaign
  • CRM system provides customer knowledge for increased effectiveness
  • Predictive dialing increases call volume and notification rate
  • Specify how many call attempts and what time frames
  • Pre-recorded messages may be left on voice mail
  • Track progress & performance of each rep, call and campaign
  • Call monitoring and recording for quality and training purposes
  • Easy to learn and use makes reps productive in record time
  • Reps may work from any Internet connection even at home
  • Broadcast announcements for low cost rapid delivery
  • Broadcast announcements allow client responses and transfers
  • No software or servers to buy, the system is on-demand & Web-hosted
  • A complete package – for one affordable monthly fee per seat