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In a telesales environment, we all know it’s a numbers game and you want your sales people “dialing for dollars”– making as many calls as they can to increase the odds of closing a sale. As you run your sales and marketing campaigns you also want to be sure you can support all sales calls coming in from your promotional efforts. (TV, radio, online, etc.). In most scenarios high outbound call volume translates into sporadic sales, but there has to be a way to shorten the process of dialing all those calls before finding that one viable one. There also has to be a better way to make outbound calls while also supporting all those incoming sales calls in a very timely manner. We all know customers hang up if they aren’t serviced in a timely manner.

SafeSoft’s Omni Contact Center will instantly provide your organization with a comprehensive set of tools that will greatly enhance its sales calling efforts. The web-based solution arms your team with a number of enterprise-class, built-in features that make your staff more productive, more targeted, more prepared and far more effective in their outbound dialing.

  • Predictive DialingThe system automatically calls a list of telephone numbers in sequence, screening out no-answers, busy signals, answering machines and disconnected numbers. When a live person answers, the call is immediately transferred to a live agent, one that is available and has the right skill set to handle the call.
  • Preview DialingYour agents can quickly preview information about a prospect before making a call to help them choose the best time of day to make the call, based on time zone, for example. Call history information is also displayed to arm the agent with background details about the individual.
  • CRMThe system manages and tracks current and future customers, including their contact information, purchasing history, your team’s outreach history with the prospect, etc.
  • CTI Screen PopWhen the system connects the agent to a prospect, the potential customer’s contact information, purchasing history, etc. instantly appears on the agent’s screen.
  • Call RecordingBy recording calls and easily accessing them when you need them, you can create a library of your team’s best sales calls to use to train under-performing or new staff.
  • Marketing AutomationFull, automated lead nurturing capabilities throughout the marketing lifecycle help ensure you are pulling prospects through the sales funnel towards being paying customers.
  • Real-Time StatisticsYour sales professionals can access a real-time statistics dashboard and custom lead forms to enhance decision making and lead tracking.
  • Customized Sales EmailsYour team can easily trigger professional-looking, customized emails to prospects in real time based on pre-designed email templates.
  • Call-Back RemindersAutomated notifications remind your team to call select prospects back.
  • Instant Lead ResponderWhen a prospect fills out a lead form, their information goes right into the dialer and they are automatically called right away.

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