#1 Cloud Contact Center Solution for small/medium businesses


Fundraising and campaigning require a high level of personal interaction to be truly successful. When getting face-to-face is not feasible, a calling campaign is the next best solution. And just like telephone sales it is a numbers game. The more calls you can make the more effective you are.

Getting to the live donor candidates
That’s where a predictive dialer like our Market Dialer comes in. It automatically delivers only live donor candidates without the manual dialing, busy signals, unanswered lines, fax machines and of course voice mail. The rep remains focused on their mission – maximizing talk time and building a successful campaign.

Each interaction requires a real human touch. Whether it’s a room full of volunteers or professional fund raisers, your reps need to be focused, undistracted and sincere.

Prompting and data collection
Customized Web forms automatically appear on the rep’s screen when that live call is answered. Any existing donor information can be displayed as well as a scripted data collection process. Your reps will feel more prepared and confident in their work.

Features include:
Quickly create and import calling lists for each collection campaign
Display profile information with scripted guidance of increased effectiveness
Powerful data collection and management enhances sale opportunities
Predictive dialing increases call volume and payment promises
Specify how many call attempts and what time frames
Track progress & performance of each rep, call and campaign
Call monitoring and recording for quality and training purposes
Easy to learn and use makes reps productive in record time
Reps may work from any Internet connection even at home
No software or servers to buy, the system is on-demand & Web-hosted
A complete package – for one affordable monthly fee per seat