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Targeted Marketing

Marketing is all about targeting the right people with the right messages to urge them to learn more and potentially buy from you. Companies today rely on radio, TV, online promotions and content marketing campaigns to generate leads, but what about cultivation? We all know customers need to be nurtured after first contact because they rarely commit to a purchase right away.

What marketing automation capabilities do you have right now within your contact center?

SafeSoft’s Cloud Contact Center solution arms your business with a full set of marketing automation features to help you pinpoint the correct target buyers and then pull them through the sales funnel to become paid customers.

With SafeSoft’s Cloud Contact Center Solution you have the ability to:

  • Segment leads based on multiple criteriaYou can create smart lists that will continue to populate as new leads come in that meet the specific criteria. Let’s say you wanted a list of all prospects that said they were interested in buying but didn’t have the budget at the time. You could easily create that list and even add additional criteria like those that have made previous purchases.
  • Execute targeted promotionsYour marketing team could create smart lists to reach specific individuals with special promotions that relate to them. For example, you could target people with coupons or special offers to meet their limited budget parameters. With these list segmenting capabilities, the opportunities for such precise outreach are limitless.
  • Track campaigns in real timeReal time, automated reporting tools help your marketing team instantly understand and adjust campaigns as they are happening to ensure the highest level of success.
  • Track lead sourcesTracking capabilities help your marketing team understand which leads came from which particular marketing activity. This helps measure the success of individual campaigns and also helps the team make necessary adjustments along the way.
  • Instantly add toll-free or local numbersTo segment and track your campaign activity and appropriately route calls to specific agents based on select promotions, you can obtain toll-free or local numbers on the fly.
  • Custom Inbound Phone NumbersQuickly and easily procure unique custom inbound numbers for each campaign to track associated call volume, measure campaign success and route calls to the most appropriate person.