#1 Cloud Contact Center Solution for small/medium businesses

Customer Service

Customer service is an important building block of customer loyalty. Customers need proactive as well as reactive support. It’s not just about simple customer satisfaction, it’s all about complete satisfaction.

“Completely satisfied customers are six times more likely to become repeat buyers than satisfied customers.”
The Harvard Business Review

Higher customer satisfaction
To achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction our customers are proactive with their service. When products reach end-of-life, upgrades are available, new capabilities are introduced, or problems are broadly encountered companies must become proactive. The most successful companies churn their base of installed customers with offers and information about products and services.

Features include:
Quickly create and import calling lists for each collection campaign
CRM system provides customer knowledge for increased effectiveness
Powerful data collection and management enhances sale opportunities
Predictive dialing increases call volume and “payment promises”
Specify how many call attempts and what time frames
Compliance to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Track progress & performance of each rep, call and campaign
Call monitoring and recording for quality and training purposes
Call Recording for dispute resolution
Easy to learn and use makes reps productive in record time
Reps may work from any Internet connection even at home
No software or servers to buy, the system is on-demand & Web-hosted
A complete package – for one affordable monthly fee per seat