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Increase your Sales Pipeline

Our full-featured hosted predictive dialer helps you increase your sales pipeline by 150% and improve your sales productivity by up to 400% by automating key functions that free up your salespeople to focus more on closing business.

  • Automated Sales CallingThe predictive dialer bypasses busy signals, answering machines/voicemail, and disconnected and unanswered calls and only connects agents to live prospects – maximizing their time, along with your revenue growth and agent productivity rates.
  • Real-Time StatisticsYou can access a real-time statistics dashboard and custom lead forms to enhance decision making and lead tracking.
  • Calling List ManagementYou can quickly create and import calling lists to help with daily schedule management.
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Deliver Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Omni Contact Center automatically tracks in real time your inbound and outbound marketing campaigns and offers customizable, real-time reporting to bring your calling data to life. These capabilities arm you with the intelligence necessary to adjust your promotional efforts on the fly to maximize success.

  • List Procurement and Data AnalysisWe help you analyze and measure the results of each respective calling campaign to assess performance and to ensure your reps are calling the right people.
  • Unique Telephone Numbers for Specific CampaignsWe provide you with unique telephone numbers on the fly to support your specific marketing campaign (ads, billboards, online banners, etc.)
  • Real-Time ReportingSafeSoft automatically tracks in real time your inbound and outbound marketing campaigns and provides the necessary intelligence to adjust your programs as you go.
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Provide Personalized Customer Service

Your new contact center automatically routes calls to the most appropriate, available agent – complete with instant screen pop notification of the caller’s identity, history, etc. This helps your organization minimize wait times and deliver the most personalized and efficient customer service possible. Your agents will have the tools at their disposal to provide your customers with red-carpet service every time they call in.

  • Built-In CRM The solution includes full CRM and CTI capabilities so the agents know who they are speaking with before the call is answered, enabling them to provide personalized service each and every time.
  • Automatic Call RoutingThe system will automatically route incoming callers to the most available and appropriate agent based on skills and knowledge.
  • Call RecordingTrack customer service levels and agent performance by recording and playing back customer calls.
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