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Web-hosted or SaaS Predictive Dialing for Work-at-home Agents

In today’s tough economy, companies across all industries are “virtualizing” their call center operations as a means of reducing real estate, labor, and other overhead expenses. Opting for a virtual call center provides companies with access to a greater pool of agent resources, allowing them to hire based on skills and experience, without any geographic limitations. Many experts believe that by providing agents with a more comfortable, convenient, and flexible work environment, the high turnover rates so prevalent among call centers are likely to decrease.

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Best Practices in Phone-Based Sales

As travel costs continue to skyrocket, expenses associated with conducting face-to-face sales calls are also rising sharply. American Express Global Business Services predicts that the average cost of a domestic business trip will jump approximately 6 percent this year. Additionally, many companies are globalizing their operations, striving to sell their products and services to a broader, and more geographically-disperse customer base. This makes it even harder and more expensive to win new business using traditional, in-person sales techniques.

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Three Steps to Success: Building Your Business with a Web-Hosted Predictive Dialer

Today’s business strategies almost always include some mention of customer-centricity. When entered into the Yahoo search engine, the term “customer centricity” produces approximately 715,000 hits. When entered into Google search, it returns a mind blowing 2,850,000 results. That is a lot of available information. And it’s all made possible by an urgent need for companies to improve the way they do business.

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Improving Call Center Efficiency with a Predictive Dialer

Countless benefits can be achieved through the implementation and use of an on-demand predictive dialer. Cloud-based call center solutions reduce overhead costs, increase campaign effectiveness, and build greater market share, revenue streams, and customer loyalty. That’s why last year organizations across the United States spent over $3.2 billion on predictive dialing technologies and related call center components, according to Datamonitor.

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Enhancing Customer Satisfaction: Reach Out and Touch Your Customers

Customers in today’s competitive market place are more demanding than ever before. Your competition is taking aggressive measures to boost their market share by wooing your clients away. And, in today’s tough economy, buyers have less money to spend on your products and services. That’s why your ability to provide a superior customer experience is the key to long-lasting success.

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Enhancing Call Center Success with Predictive Dialers

The use of predictive dialing software is on the rise, as more and more call centers recognize the tremendous value that these powerful solutions can offer. In fact, leading analyst firm Datamonitor claims that the North American market for call center component technologies such as predictive dialing systems has grown at an annual rate of 3.8 percent, reaching over $3.2 billion last year. Even greater growth in these types of solutions is noted in Europe, India, and Central and Latin America, where off-shore outsourcing is expanding at a rate of 30 percent per year, according to a study by the Everest Research Institute.

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