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User quotes discussing their success and satisfaction with SafeSoft.

Customer Reviews

Nothing proves the value of our popular cloud-based call center software more than our customers who use it nearly every day. They include operations of all sizes, from traditional call centers and inside sales departments to individuals – across all industries. SafeSoft Solutions’ cloud-based call center has helped them significantly increase productivity and sales growth.


Relying on the stability and up-time performance of their platform, we’ve been able to grow from just a handful to over 50 agents using SafeSoft Solutions. It has helped us tremendously with managing our inbound calls and accounts.

Anderson Schoenrock,

We now have direct feedback on the impact of our marketing campaigns. SafeSoft’s Inbound Call Center Software tells us which campaigns are working and which aren’t, and we can make decisions in real time to improve our results.

Joseph Bonanno, Life Protector

I have managed call centers for over 20 years. In that time I have worked with a lot of people and systems. SafeSoft Solutions offers the best combination of service, technology and value available. The SafeSoft Cloud Contact Center has tripled our call volume and our revenues have gone through the roof! Yes it’s a great product, but it’s also the service that has me sold. Their professional support staff installed the product and trained my people in less than three days. And when we needed help, they were available and ready to assist. Thanks SafeSoft, you have made all the difference!

Jeff Himel, Call Center Consultant

We have just recently switched to SafeSoft from Five9, and we are so incredibly happy! Arash, Ernie, and all the representatives we have spoken with have been nothing but kind and extremely helpful! Your starter package provides everything – any questions we had were answered in real time, without having to wait or get the run around. We only wish we found you sooner. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Nichelle Reid, Adzzup

The SafeSoft Cloud Contact Center has revolutionized the way we do business. There were several lead development projects that we could not make profitable until we utilized your Contact Center Software. Now all of them are bearing fruit. The customer service has been excellent, especially since we are not the most tech savvy company. You have worked with us every step of the way.

Jonathan Roberts, Global Potential Corp.

Soltech Business Solutions has managed Call Centers for over 10 years. During that time we have searched for the best in call center technology. Our search ended when we came across SafeSoft Solutions as they took us through the whole process step by step. Before our encounter we have used many dialers, and contact center systems. SafeSoft offers the best value we have come across. They are involved in every campaign Soltech Business Solutions has managed while the increase in business has been monumental. We are extremely satisfied with the attentive sales and customer support staff which are always available for any type of inquiries.

Anthony Perez, Soltech Business Solutions

After trying different vendors and products we are extremely satisfied with SafeSoft Solutions. The SafeSoft Cloud Contact Center has opened new doors to our marketing department. The ease of business is key and it is not just about the affordable cost of the system, but more so the service and customer support behind the product.

Jonathan Capetillo, All Century Insurance Group

America Cares develops fund raising programs all over the US. We tailor each program to the local market so we spend a lot of time on the phone calling local businesses. The SafeSoft Cloud Contact Center improved our talk time by 60% and helped us to almost double our sales. Our reps can work here in the office or at home when they need to.

Because this is a web-based system I didn’t need to commit a lot of capital to get started. Each month I pay one fee that includes training, support and long distance. It was up in one day and my reps love how simple it is to use. Business is really tough right now, but the SafeSoft Cloud Contact Center has made it a lot easier!

Curt Dixon, America Cares

Since our involvement with SafeSoft Solutions, we have had the best customer and technical support that we could even fathom in our wildest imagination. Living in a time that does not allow for personalized and ethical services, we are amazed by this refreshing experience in business. Your services have been great, and, your company continues in this avenue when our account executive took care of us by setting up additional agent stations in a matter of minutes.

RT Enterprises is growing and we will continue to grow with you as we cannot even imagine of having anyone else handle our contact center solutions.

Robert Teller, RT Enterprises

Our telemarketing business has become so much easier since using the SafeSoft Cloud Contact Center. I would highly recommend it to anyone that is serious about taking their business to the next level. Great customer service.

Cesar Espinoza, Remax Broker Associate

This is a must have product if you are intending to get new business and call refinance data. There is no better feeling than to have 2-3 new homeowners everyday waiting to hear back from you with a loan scenario. Keep up the good work!

Elias Sahyouni, Eliemae Financial

We refer customers to SafeSoft because in today’s marketing environment, hardware costs can’t be justified when there are software solutions out there like SafeSoft that actually cost far less and perform without the additional salaries, learning curve, and hard costs that a traditional dialer system will cost. I like the fact that customers can spend more time on their business, using the SafeSoft Cloud Contact Center as an application much like Outlook, Quickbooks, and Ring Central.

Aaron Smith, Black Book Data

The SafeSoft Cloud Contact Center has increased our production, while taking away the frustrations of cold calling. As a unit we are more focused and alert, at the same time working longer and more effective hours.

Sagiv Diamant, First Nation Financial Corp.

We wanted to send you a letter to tell you how much your service has helped my mortgage business. I have seen such a huge increase in loan applications that I am still getting caught up. We could not have asked for better service or support. Thank you for always being around to take my calls when I need your help!

Mark Helton, All Western Mortgage