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Web Based Predictive Dialer

What is a web-based Predictive Dialer?
A Predictive dialer may be defined as an automated system that is designed to serve the purpose of making calls automatically from a large database of phone numbers and lead lists, while bypassing any busy lines, fax machines, answering machines and unanswered calls, among a handful of other filters.

The system transfers only useful calls to agents when it recognizes a voice, such as “hello” from a customer that has picked up the phone. The moment the customer says “hello” the web-based dialer instantly and automatically transfers that call to any of the available agents currently logged on the system without a delay.

SafeSoft’s Predictive Dialer Solution
Our software has been designed after extensive R&D and on the basis of a collection of hundreds of requirements by call centers across the world. We assure you that our completely advanced and automated software meets all the possible requirements of agents, supervisors, and most important of all, an increase in the call center’s overall performance.

Features of SafeSoft’s Predictive Dialer
* Web-Hosted Predictive Dialer: Hosted Dialer solution means no heavy machinery or telephone hardware is required
* Increased Talk Time: Transfers only live answered calls to available agents
* Callback and Scheduling: Increase of the Agent’s productivity by maximizing the effective contact rate.
* Call Recording: Recorded calls allow supervisors to monitor the Agent’s performance on the dialer.
* Lead Management: CRM database allows agents to pull leads by multiple criteria.
* VoIP Service: Calls over internet reduces overall phone bills
* Maintenance / Updates: No technical maintenance is required, while updates to the on-demand dialer are free of charge and put in effect without any downtime
* DNC List Management: Manage proper compliance and rules by the FCC and FTC.
* Real-Time Dashboard: Real-time monitoring, feedback and reporting.
* Lead Form: A customizable lead form allows the display of full lead information on the Agent’s screen as soon as the on-demand dialer transfers a live call.
* Remote Connectivity: Agents and supervisors can connect to the on demand dialer from anywhere in the world.
* Call Time Restrictions: The dialer automatically disables all dialing during restricted hours.

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