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Virtual Call Center

Definition of a Virtual Call Center

When agents, supervisors and managers are able to access all needed software programs and work from geographically dispersed locations they are utilizing a virtual call center environment. Most of the time, individuals working in virtual call centers work from their homes for flexible and easy work hours which results in a more relaxed environment without dress codes or other standard requirements at their own destination.

Companies that are running virtual call centers save resources by not having to purchase expensive equipment and complicated infrastructure. If agents work from home, the company needs to rent less office space, and agents are often happier and more productive. So the call center is more likely to realize high efficiency and reduced overall turnover.

Current Scenario

A large number of challenges have emerged for service providers with increasing customer demands and growing competition. To be a successful service provider you should possess the ability to offer quality services that satisfy the needs of customers at affordable prices.

How can SafeSoft Solutions help you?

SafeSoftoffers on-demand unified customer contact solutions to businesses or service providers of virtually any size, ranging from small organizations to large-scale operations. Our software has been built to run on different platforms and requires very little and standard computer resources with normal configuration along with an internet connection to get the entire setup fully functional and running.

Features of SafeSoft’s Virtual Call Center Solution

* Supports from a single to a few thousand agents
* No special hardware required
* Setup is swift and functional in less than an hour
* Remote At-home-agent capabilities
* Automatic distribution and routing
* Quality Monitoring and agent voice recordings

Benefits of SafeSoft’s Virtual Call Center

* Reduces Costs by using VoIP (Phone calls are transmitted over the internet using VoIP technology).

* Increases productivity of agents by routing available calls only to available agents.

* CTI (Computer Telephone Integration) increases effectiveness by providing agents with pertinent and well-timed customer information.

* Real time reporting dashboard allows supervisors to easily analyze individual agent performance.