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Predictive Dialer

SafeSoft Solutions offers a proven, industry-leading high-performance predictive dialer as a core feature of its cloud-based call center solution. If you’re new to predictive dialers, we’re here to help you learn more.

A predictive dialer is a fully-automated software solution that streamlines and accelerates the initiation of outbound calls. Calls are dialed at either a pre-defined rate, or at a rate based on variables such as agent availability or length of interaction. The dialing system then “listen” for an answer, and connects a call to an agent only when a live person has answered.

The benefits of predictive dialing are significant, allowing businesses and call centers to:

Improve agent productivity
Boost call volumes
Increase interaction effectiveness
Ensure customer satisfaction
Improve campaign tracking accuracy

There are two types of predictive dialers available:

Cloud-based solutions offer much greater value over their on-premise counterparts because they require no upfront costs, are fast and easy to deploy, and all support and maintenance such as upgrades and enhancements are performed by the service provider. On-demand dialers are also highly flexible, and can be immediately expanded to support new campaigns, new users, and new capabilities at any time.

On-premise solutions, on the other hand, require a large initial investment due to the servers, routers, load balancers and other hardware that must be purchased. Additionally, they require long and complex implementations, and are often difficult to expand. Customers must also devote their own IT resources to the system’s ongoing administration.
Regardless of the deployment model chosen, software solutions like predictive dialers significantly increase the effectiveness of call center phone-based campaigns and programs. For example, they can:

Improve Agent Productivity
By dynamically detecting when a live contact has been reached, predictive dialers ensure that representatives don’t waste time with busy signals, voice mail messages, or incorrect numbers.

Boost Call Volumes
Companies can reach out to more people in a shorter period of time, by calling numbers in succession from a database, and dialing multiple numbers for each contact.

Increase interaction effectiveness
Agents have the ability to initiate three-way conference calls, or transfer calls to other representatives (such as closers or product specialists).

Ensure Customer Satisfaction
Avoid the risk of annoying or offending existing or potential clients by restricting dialing based on day, time zone, or other variables, and allowing agents to schedule call-backs at a time that is more convenient for the customer.

Improve Campaign Tracking Accuracy
Representatives have the ability to mark the outcome of each interaction (i.e. hung up, sale, not interested, etc.).

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