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Predictive Dialer Definition

Predictive Dialer Software Defined
Predictive dialer software is defined as a dialer system that automatically dials the telephones from a pre-loaded database to investigate at an early stage the processing of the call and eliminate for wasted calls (busy lines, fax machines, answering machines, voice mail, and more). If these are found, the predictive dialer will terminate the call and continue to the next number in the list. If a live person is detected on a call, the predictive dialer will transfer the call immediately to an available agent ord idle on the floor depending on the availability of an agent.

Predictive dialer software is intelligent. It’s foundation is built on an algorithm that is programmed to automatically detect calls and transfer them to agents who are available. Once transferred, the agent’s screen displays the caller’s lead information with a record of past interactions.

Growing Demand for Predictive Dialers
Efficiency of call centers has almost doubled with the use of predictive dialers. Productivity rates or performance of call centers is directly proportional to the power, efficiency and intelligence of the predictive dialer you select. If the dialer is not capable of making large numbers of calls simultaneously, then many of the agents will remain idle – which will result in a poor productivity rate.

SafeSoft Solutions offers a proven, high-performance predictive dialer as a core feature of its cloud-based call center software. It’s designed to handle an unlimited number of agent seats with consistent, powerful performance.

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