#1 Cloud Contact Center Solution for small/medium businesses

Mortgage Software Systems

SafeSoft Solutions is one of the leading providers for service and marketing call center needs and specializes in providing the best possible solutions for production of mortgage marketing leads. SafeSoft offers vital solutions for the Mortgage industry under its brand name, Mortgage Dialer.

Mortgage Dialer is equipped with cutting-edge features that beat existing dialers available on the market today. Our Fast, Flexible, Easy to use, and Affordable systemshave achieved tremendous popularity across the world.
A large number of Mortgage companies have experienced incredible increase in growth of prospects by up to 400% with the implementation of our mortgage dialer software.

Our Mortgage Dialer:

* Requires a standard PC, Internet line and Headsets — that’s it!

* Increases calling volume by up to 400%

* Possesses Advanced Routing Algorithm to better route calls to agents

* Automatic monitoring and recording available in the backend

* Ensures effective utilization of resources (agents)

* VoIP-based calling environment

* Economical rates

* Multiple call disposition options

* Advanced agent friendly CRM interface

* Advanced searching options of called leads

* Calls and lead management available at your finger tips

* Dialer summary allows managers to keep track of total volume, leads generated, talk time, and more

* Callbacks scheduling and management via highly user friendly interface

* Log in/Log out history logs of all agents

* Automatic filtration for busy lines, answering machines and more

* Remote-agents capability for at-home-agents

All of these advanced features provided by SafeSoft will boost your sales volume with an immediate impact in profits, by building an endless supply of Loans in your pipeline. If you would like to keep up with your competitors in the mortgage industry, ask for a risk-free trial* that includes all our cloud-based call center features.

* Free trial availability and duration subject to the discretion of SafeSoft Solutions.