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We provide a number of robust solutions capable of meeting the high-volume calling and backend management needs of all types of contact centers.

Market Overview and Scope of our Services

SafeSoft has hundreds of customers using our hosted software applications, from startup companies to non-profit organizations to global enterprises. Our service and marketing solutions have been adopted by thousands of concurrent users, on five continents, and are capable of meeting the needs of virtually any size call center.

Our products are deployed flexibly to achieve challenges and resolve problems in a wide variety of applications mentioned at bottom.

SafeSoft Products

Our cutting-edge products come in two variants:

* Mortgage Dialer: The Mortgage Dialer has been recognized as the industry’s leading virtual call center solution by mortgage brokers and loan officers across the nation. Telemarketers can now pre-qualify their mortgage loan leads with this turnkey mortgage marketing software and instantly transfer them to your loan officers with a single click of a button.

* Market Dialer: The Market Dialer is an essential tool for all industries with telemarketing-driven operations. It is designed to drive more chances for a sale by allowing you to efficiently increase your contact ratio and effortlessly expand your call center at the same time. Manage a floor of multi-teamed agents, while your sole focus will only need to be on sales.

Don’t waste your time and money – invest in a solid solution that is right for your company. Sign up today for a free demo and experience all the remarkable features of our hosted call center product and see the difference immediately, compared to other market standards.