#1 Cloud Contact Center Solution for small/medium businesses

Contact Center Solutions

The Need for Contact Center Solutions

There are generally two options when considering a contact center solution:

1. You can opt for an in-house setup. Meaning you will run the software at your own call center or local data center and manage its technical maintenance.

2. The software vendor will do the entire job for you; the vendor will let your agents connect to their data center through an Internet Connection using VoIP technology. These kind of remote solutions for call center businesses are referred to as Hosted, or Cloud-based, Contact Center Solutions.

SafeSoft Solutions is the leading vendor of cloud-based contact center solutions, addressing the ongoing challenges of managing a successful contact center. SafeSoft provides highly efficient end-to-end user functionality.

Cloud-based Contact Center Solutions

SafeSoft Solutions offers contact center solutions across a wide range of industry types. Our software solutions are capable of handling volume calling and backend management needs of contact centers of virtually any size, including smaller organizations and large-scale operations.

Features of SafeSoft’s Contact Center Solutions

* VoIP technology-based calling
* No heavy machinery or telephone hardware is required
* Increase Talk Time: Bypass ringing tones, answering machines, unanswered calls, and busy-lines
* Callback and Scheduling
* Call Recording
* Advanced Lead Management
* DNC List Management
* Remote-Agent Connectivity
* Call Time Restrictions
* Real-Time Statistics Dashboard

Benefits of SafeSoft’s Contact Center Solution

* VoIP technology eliminates phone bill
* Up to 400% increase in efficiency and productivity
* Managed FCC, FTC & DNC compliance regulation
* Agents and supervisors can connect and makes calls from anywhere in the world
* Automatically disables all dialing during restricted hours
* Monitor agent performance with real-time monitoring, feedback and reporting

All the above make our product an essential tool for the contact center industry. If you would like to keep up with your competitors, ask for a risk-free trial* today that includes all the features and benefits of our cloud-based solution.

* Free trial availability and duration subject to the discretion of SafeSoft Solutions.