#1 Cloud Contact Center Solution for small/medium businesses

Call Center Application

SafeSoft offers complete solutions for call centers of all sizes varying from small customer support of products, such as cell phones, wholesale, to very large industries dealing with Real Estate, Mortgage, Banking, Insurance, Health Care and so on.

Small Portable Setup
SafeSoft’s products require no special hardware configuration for complete functionality. You simply need a computer with standard configurations, an internet connection and headsets for the agents. Yes as simple as Agents, Computer & Internet Connection; SafeSoft will do the rest of the job, while no additional and manual telephone hardware overhead is required.

Why Choose SafeSoft Solutions?
We have the edge over other available call center service providers when it comes to real time quality and committed guarantee that we offer in order to increase the efficiency and productivity of your call center.
Our products have been embedded with the latest technologies and together with their vital features make the job of agents easy which results in less time wasted and therefore increase your ROI.
Our products offer complete end-to-end call center functionality to manage a virtual call center.

Vital Features of SafeSoft’s Call Center products:
Calls using advanced VoIP Technology at affordable cost
Web-Hosted Predictive Dialer
Answering Machine detection
Increase Talk Time
Callback and Scheduling of Leads
Agent Call Recordings
CRM Lead Management
Busy-Line Filter
DNC List Management
Real-Time Reporting Dashboard
Agent Friendly Lead Form
Remote-Agent Connectivity
Call Time Restrictions

All the above listed features make our product an essential tool for the call center industry. If you would like to keep up with your competitors in the call center market, ask for a risk-free trial* with all call center application features included.

* Free trial availability and duration subject to the discretion of SafeSoft Solutions.