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Industry Terms

Contact Center Software
With the increasing demands on the industry today, contact centers have been expanding abruptly and have covered almost every kind of industry varying from the banking sector to healthcare, real estate, and insurance being among them. There is no doubt that with the help of the industry, revenue and production rates have almost doubled.

Call Center Applications
SafeSoft offers complete unified solutions for contact centers of all sizes varying from small customer support of products, such as cell phones, wholesale, to very large industries dealing with Real Estate, Mortgage, Banking, Insurance, Health Care and so on.

Hosted Call Center
SafeSoft has hundreds of customers using our hosted software applications, from startup companies to non-profit organizations to global enterprises. Our solutions have been adopted by thousands of concurrent users on five continents and are capable of meeting the needs of virtually any size center.

Predictive Dialing
Predictive Dialer systems can be defined as computer based systems that routinely place outbound calls via built-in database interaction. Computers are loaded with large databases of phone numbers and Predictive Dialers steadily place calls from existing databases on a single or multiple lines.

Predictive Auto-Dialer
Predictive auto-dialers may be defined as automated systems for the purpose of making calls from pre-loaded lead lists of phone numbers stored in a database. They are widely used in the telemarketing industry.

Contact Center Solutions
SafeSoft offers cloud-based contact center solutions to call centers across a range of industry verticals. Our solutions are capable of handling volume calling and backend management needs of virtually any size business, including smaller organizations and large-scale operations.

Virtual Call Center
A large group of people from different types of businesses are geographically dispersed, instead of being in the same place under the same building. Most of the time, people who work in virtual call centers work from their homes for flexible and easy work hours which results in a more relaxed environment without dress codes or other standard requirements at their own destination.

Web Based Dialer
A web based automated system that is designed to serve the purpose of making calls automatically from a large database of phone numbers and lead lists, while bypassing any busy lines, fax machines, answering machines and unanswered calls, among a handful of other filters.

Mortgage Software Systems
Mortgage Dialer has attained tremendous popularity in the mortgage industry. This powerful software is being used by companies nationwide. You can find the Dialer solution used in sectors such as, Banking, Healthcare, Government, Retail, Travel and many more. There is no limit on the type of industry because our system is completely customizable to your needs.

Predictive Calling
Predictive calling defines itself as part of a dialer which performs an evaluation in the background and predicts calls answered by a live person based on a defined algorithm of the Dialer, prior to transferring them to the agents within the center.

Advanced Software
SafeSoft Solutions is proud to present an advanced solution for the growing needs of the industry. After years of hard work and extensive R&D on call center requirements and alternatives to fix their growing problems; SafeSoft finally launched its hi-tech software by the name of Market Dialer.

Telemarketing Software
A successful telemarketing campaign depends on the quality of the leads you provide. SafeSoft Solutions provides telemarketing software that has the edge over CRM solution providers and virtually combines a predictive dialing engine which will intelligently adjust its dialing pattern based on agent performance in order to get the best results.

Predictive Dialing Software
Predictive dialing software may be defined as a dialer system that automatically dials the telephones from a pre-loaded database with distinction from manual dialing being that the software will investigate at an early stage the processing of the call and check for useless calls (Busy Lines, Fax Machines, Answering Machines, and more).

Mortgage Call Center Software
SafeSoft Solutions is one of the leading providers for call center needs and specializes in providing the best possible solutions for production of mortgage leads. SafeSoft offers vital software solutions for the Mortgage industry under its brand name, Mortgage Dialer.