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How to Select a Cloud Contact Center Solution

The value proposition for a cloud contact center is very simple – gain all of the features and functionality needed to advance your Sales, Marketing and/or Customer Service capabilities at a very affordable rate and with no maintenance requirements. But how do you know where to start? Read this nine page ebook to learn what features to look for, what questions to ask potential vendors, what cost structure to look for and so on.

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Who Benefits from a Cloud Contact Center Solution?

You’ve heard about the “cloud”, and you likely know that cloud contact center software exists today that gives you all of the same tools a premise-based call center does, but it’s hosted on the web. But what you may not know is just how many people within an organization can benefit from cloud contact center software – both inside and outside of the contact center. Read this eight page ebook to learn about the various individuals within a company that benefit (and how) directly.

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