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Automated predictive dialing so your sales team can focus on closing deals.

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Outbound Call Center

Our Outbound Call Center Software is powered by the number one predictive dialer on the market for small to medium-sized businesses. The Cloud Contact Center solution automatically makes outbound calls so your agents and salespersons do not have to waste their time leaving messages, getting busy signals or dealing with wrong numbers. The software then sends calls to your people when a live prospect answers the phone. This saves your staff a significant amount of time and frustration, enabling them to focus on what really matters – closing business, collecting past due payments, raising funds or conducting surveys.

  • High-Performance Predictive Dialer Our predictive dialer will increase your outbound calling efficiency by up to 400 percent and boost the size of your sales pipeline by up to 150 percent.
  • Preview & Progressive DialerAgents can automatically see the prospect’s number and other relevant data displayed right on their screen before the call is placed. This means your team is instantly prepared for their next call.
  • Message BroadcastingYou can deliver digital voice messages to many recipients at once. Businesses, for example, can inform their customers of changes in policy, or a marketing department can alert customers to a new sale.
  • Real Time Lead DepositNew contacts collected by your landing page(s) automatically go into the dialer so the system can call your prospects as soon as the person fills out the form, or soon thereafter.
  • Custom Lead RecyclingYou can set lead recycle parameters for specified dispositions, allowing for set delays in between attempts, for example, as well as maximum number of attempts.
  • List MixYou can determine how your separate calling lists are accessed by the dialer, so leads from one or many lead lists can be called at the same time.
  • Lead ScrubbingThe system can automatically remove leads from a list based on a specific set of filters. Filters can include duplicate numbers, numbers on your Do Not Call list, wireless numbers, etc.
  • Campaign QuotasThe system can a send notification to agents when quota(s) are reached, and at the same time, automatically put a halt to the campaign.
  • Alternate Number DialingThe system will automatically dial alternative contact numbers if the main phone number is unreachable.
  • Built-In CRMCustomer information is gathered during the course of each interaction and then stored and leveraged to provide vital intelligence that can be used to enhance future sales, marketing, and service efforts.
  • Real Time DashboardUp to the minute monitoring, feedback and reporting data is available to managers and supervisors so they are always aware of what is happening in the call center.
  • Call RecordingFully integrated call recording and monitoring empowers supervisors, managers, team leaders and trainers to accurately assess agent performance and identify any performance gaps or skill deficiencies.
  • Call Back RemindersThe system helps agents remember to make specific follow-up calls by automatically alerting them at pre-scheduled times to make certain customer/prospect callbacks.
  • Cloud APIs Cloud-based application programming interfaces enable SafeSoft’s native CRM to interact with your own or a third party CRM to pull relevant data when necessary.
  • Call Conferencing Agents can add another call/caller into the current call, enabling multiple individuals to speak live together.
  • Call Monitoring Supervisors can listen in on calls in progress and offer real-time assistance to agents who are struggling with difficult situations. If needed, the supervisor can even enter the call live.
  • Customized Email Templates An email is sent when a specific disposition is used by the agents. This can be a customized email which can be sent to the admin or the person being called by the dialer.
  • Custom ReportingYou can analyze and monitor vital call center metrics such as agent activities, campaign results, lead status and other customized performance indicators to see what is and isn’t working well.
  • Speed Dial Frequently used transfer numbers can be hard coded into the campaign, allowing agents to choose these numbers from a drop down box or quick links.
  • Custom Call Distribution You have full control of how you set up agent call routing or the automatic call distributor (ACD) itself. For example, calls can be sent to the agent waiting the longest, or the dialer will hang up after a set amount of time.
  • Lead Drips Leads can be automatically moved from one pre-defined segmented lead list to another based on several types of triggers, such as status, location and time. This helps with prospect targeting.
  • Branch Scripting Specific scripts for agents will be automatically displayed on their screen based on a particular condition or answer to a question.
  • Embedded Web FormYou can integrate the SafeSoft Cloud Contact Center software with any of your own or third party web pages or web forms.
  • Custom Call-Time Rules You can set call time rules that restrict when the dialer will actually dial a number based on the lead’s local time zone. You can add custom call time rules as needed.
  • Campaign Hot Keys Agents can use shortcut keys (set up by you) to quickly disposition the lead after a call.
  • Custom On-Hold MusicYou get to decide what music is played when your customers and prospects are on hold.