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Mortgage Dialer

What Can Mortgage Dialer Do for Brokers, Agencies, and Loan Officers?
Companies in the mortgage industry have faced unique challenges in recent years. Declining volumes have lead to shrinking income, while the price-cutting measures required to stay competitive, as well as increased risk, are eating away at profits.

Today’s mortgage firms need to leverage a variety of aggressive marketing techniques in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and maintain substantial market share. Telemarketing programs, if executed effectively, can help mortgage firms successfully reach out to new customers, and keep their existing ones loyal.

Whether it’s a small firm with a local call center, or a large organization with distributed virtual call centers, the Mortgage Dialer software can empower mortgage firms of all types and sizes. Mortgage Dialers can help brokers, agencies, loan officers, and other organizations in the mortgage business to:

Identify new business opportunities
Our web-hosted system makes it faster and easier to reach out to and qualify potential clients. So, mortgage firms can uncover the hottest prospects as efficiently as possible.
Enhance loan modifications
In today’s economy, loan modifications provide a potential new revenue stream for mortgage companies. As more and more homeowners seek to renegotiate the terms of their current loans, our powerful loan modification dialer software allows companies to fully leverage this exciting opportunity. With a predictive dialer software from SafeSoft, firms in the mortgage industry can efficiently reach out to a larger number of home owners, and accurately identify those that are prime targets for a loan modification. Additionally, they can more effectively promote their loan modification services to a broader base of prospects, and successfully close more business.
Accelerate loan processing
Mortgage Dialer minimizes time-consuming manual data entry work with a standard 1003 form that can be pre-filled with lead information extracted directly from a fully-integrated CRM database.
Increase appointment-setting productivity
A call-back function, with automatic reminders, makes agents more punctual and efficient when setting and confirming appointments.
Quickly collect credit information
Our predictive dialing solution allows companies to easily customize their lead forms. So, questions related to credit history can be incorporated into call scripts, and the needed background data can be gathered on the spot as agents are speaking to prospective clients.
Enhance up-sell and cross-sell
Mortgage Dialer combines highly functional hosted software, with comprehensive lead management and CRM capabilities. So, mortgage companies can better handle their leads, and instantly identify and take advantage of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
Improve customer service
The hosted Mortgage Dialer system allows companies to efficiently conduct customer outreach. So, they can boost loyalty by informing clients of new products and services, performing satisfaction surveys, and much more.
Reduce costs
Our telemarketing solution eliminates the need to purchase and maintain expensive telephony equipment, while dramatically reducing toll charges and other phone-related costs.

Mortgage Dialer is the only software package that is powerful and complete enough to meet the complex call center telemarketing needs of the mortgage industry. With a broad range of innovative features, these cutting-edge web enabled dialers can help mortgage brokers and agents to overcome the challenges associated with acquiring and retaining clients, so they can maximize profits.