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SafeSoft Solutions’ High-Performance Predictive Dialer Leverages VoIP Technology

Voice over IP (VoIP) is a technology that allows the transmission of voice conversations via an Internet connection. (“IP” stands for Internet Protocol.”). With VoIP, audio is captured, transformed into digitally formatted “packets”, compressed and delivered over a local area network (LAN) and the Internet.

This technology is a popular choice over traditional land line phone networks that include additional toll charges that drive up costs. Unlike power dialer and auto dialer vendors, our unlimited VoIP calling plan across the 48 continental US states is included with every license. We also offer competitively priced calling plans for Alaska and Hawaii, as well as service to countries around the world.

Benefits of VoIP

VoIP technology not only helps to reduce operating expenses, it also:

Simplifies Infrastructure
Hosted VoIP eliminates the need to purchase, implement and maintain certain types of on-premise telephony equipment.

Increases Call Capacity
Traditional phone systems can only support one phone call per line. However, VoIP compresses voice data, increasing the volume of voice it can carry and allowing multiple calls to be sent over a single access line.

Improves Remote Agent Access
Calls can be placed from any location anywhere around the world where a high-speed Internet connection exists. This is particularly important for remote workers across geographically-dispersed branches and home offices.

Great Call Quality
VoIP call quality is just as good as traditional land line phone calls, as long as the Internet connection that supports the service meets certain minimum requirements. Clients who experience call quality issues with our VoIP service can be assisted by our Support team, which will help them troubleshoot issues and correct any problems with their Internet connection.

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