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What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Software as a Service (SaaS), also known as cloud-based or on-demand software, is a technology deployment model that has rapidly gained acceptance due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness. SaaS-based solutions are acquired, installed, tested, and maintained by a third-party provider, then “rented” to customers, typically on a month-to-month basis, and generally priced on system usage. When access is provided over the Internet and on the web, it is sometimes called “web-hosted.”

Some of the many benefits of SaaS or cloud computing based offerings include:

  • SaaS vs. On-Site Deployment
  • Improved affordability
  • Accelerated set-up
  • Minimal burden on IT resources
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduced real estate costs

With SaaS the purchase and deployment of the software, as well as any hardware required to support the application, are the full responsibility of the vendor. The provider also oversees all ongoing maintenance, including upgrades, system monitoring, performance tuning, security, etc. This eliminates the need for the client to dedicate resources to implementing and supporting the environment they can simply focus on the usage of the application and achieving maximum business value, without any technical hassles.

Predictive dialing and other types of software are available as either cloud-based solutions, or as hardware-based on-premise applications depending upon the vendor chosen.

SaaS vs. On-Site Deployment

Whether it’s a predictive dialing system like Mortgage Dialer or Market Dialer, or any other type of call center technology solution, SaaS-based applications offer dramatic benefits over their on-site counterparts. For example, cloud-based software provides:

Improved affordability

Unlike on-premise predictive dialer solutions, which come with high initial price tags, cloud-based software requires little or no upfront investment. Clients can acquire on-demand software for an affordable monthly fee, instead of investing in hardware, software licenses, and the resources needed for implementation.

Accelerated set-up

Because all software and hardware components are already installed and tested at the provider’s site, a SaaS-based contact center system can be deployed in a mere fraction of the time that it takes to get on-site applications up and running.

Minimal burden on IT resources

On-premise software must be supported and maintained by the customer’s own internal IT professionals. But, SaaS solutions are administered by the service provider, who oversees all scheduled upgrades, system “health-checks”, and other maintenance-related activities. This reduces the time and costs associated with administration, leaving the client’s IT resources free to work on other corporate technology projects.

Increased flexibility

While on-site predictive dialers require extensive work in order to make upgrades and/or add new users or features, hosted solutions can be expanded to support new or emerging requirements the instant the client’s needs change.

Reduced real estate costs

The high price of real estate has made the cloud computing approach more appealing to many businesses, who have limited space to house servers and other hardware components needed to effectively operate software applications. By utilizing on-demand predictive dialing software that is rented from a third-party, companies can free up valuable office space for other important uses.

What kind of benefits can your organization achieve with SaaS, or cloud-based, predictive dialing and unified contact center solutions? To learn more about the value of SafeSoft Solutions, request a free trial.