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The ability to report on and analyze calling activities is vital to the success of any contact center. By understanding what’s working and what isn’t ¬†supervisors can adjust programs and related activities accordingly, to maximize results and ensure continued success.
With advanced reporting capabilities, call center managers can analyze and monitor vital metrics such as:

  • Agent activities
  • Campaign results
  • Lead status
  • Customized performance indicators

Our predictive dialing software provides supervisors and managers with powerful features that enable real-time tracking of key performance metrics and statistics. The robust reporting capabilities of our hosted call center software are provided through an intuitive web-based dashboard. So, supervisors can quickly and easily monitor:

Agent activities

All agents, and the tasks they perform, can be closely monitored throughout the day. For example, supervisors can see when agents logged in or logged out on a given date, or within any specified date range. Or, at any time, the predictive dialer allows the supervisor to determine who is on a call, who is idle, and who is waiting for a call, as well as the length of time each agent has spent on their current activity. This provides them with vital intelligence about the efficiency of their staff, so training programs can be optimized to ensure peak productivity.

Campaign results

With our web-hosted VoIP call center software, managers can track important campaign metrics that provide insight into the effectiveness of each initiative. Supervisors can view the number of calls dialed versus the number answered by individual campaign, or across all campaigns, as well as the disposition of each call interested, not interested, call back, do not call, sale closed, or other outcomes.

Lead status

Our predictive dialer gives agents and supervisors the ability to view the status of any lead within the CRM database. For example, they can see how often the contact was called, what the outcome of each call was, and whether or not future outreach has been scheduled.

Customized performance indicators

Custom reports can also be easily generated through our intuitive administrator panel. Supervisors can search and view calls by disposition, agent, or any other criteria or field within the lead database. Information can then be easily exported to an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

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