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Predictive Dialer

SafeSoft Solutions’ High-Performance Predictive Dialer

Our powerful predictive dialer has proven to increase clients’ sales and marketing productivity by up to 400%. Most businesses and call centers struggle to sustain outbound efficiency levels. Without the use of predictive dialers, agents must manually call leads – which wastes valuable time they could be using to talk to prospects and customers. Learn how our predictive dialer can help you!


SafeSoft Solutions’ hosted predictive dialer bypasses busy signals, answering machines, voice mail and unanswered calls – among a handful of other filters you can easily pre-select from. It only connects agents to live prospects – maximizing their time, along with your revenue growth and agent productivity rates. Our predictive dialer is also programmed to avoid “Do-Not-Call” (DNC) list numbers by referencing a special database to keep you in compliance with regulations. We also include a feature-rich call center productivity suite that offers call recording capabilities, a real-time statistics dashboard, and custom lead forms for maximum performance and streamlined business processes and many more options.

Powerful and Easy-To-Use

Our call center software is very intuitive, according to feedback from clients. Minimal technical knowledge and training is necessary to get an agent started on SafeSoft Solutions’ call center software.

The real-time agent panel view includes:

  • Call Summary
  • Lead Sheet Form
  • Call Dispositions
  • Scheduled Call Backs
  • Call Back Notifications
  • Login History

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