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Dynamic Form Maker

In order to fully understand your target audience, and effectively leverage that insight to improve the success of outreach initiatives, you need to efficiently gather complete and accurate information about your existing and potential clients. Web forms make it easy for agents to collect and organize important data about leads, their needs, and their interests. So telemarketing programs can be more intelligently structured for maximum results.

In order to enhance lead capture, companies must leverage dynamic, fully customizable Web-based forms to:

  • Improve the speed and accuracy of data collection
  • Capture the right information for each campaign
  • Create comprehensive customer documents and records

Our hosted dialer software provides a dynamic form maker for building the forms needed to instantly gather and store critical lead information within the integrated CRM database. The intuitive features within our predictive dialer empower you to:

Improve the speed and accuracy of data collection

Comprehensive lead capture forms automatically appear on the agent’s panel when a live call is answered, guiding them step-by-step through the data collection process. This ensures that each agent quickly gathers the needed information from each and every prospect they speak to.

Capture the right information for each campaign

Lead forms can be tailored for each and every campaign, to meet any unique or specific information need. An unlimited number of data fields, including custom fields, can be added. Drop-down menus, radio buttons, check boxes, and text fields can also be included, to facilitate effective data collection.

Create comprehensive customer documents and records

All completed forms can be sent directly to a printer. So hard-copy documentation about a prospect or customer can to be shared with others, or stored for future reference

The dynamic form maker is just one of many innovative features provided by our hosted call center solution. Ask for a risk-free trial* to experience all of the powerful functionality of our predictive dialing software for yourself.

* Free trial availability and duration subject to the discretion of SafeSoft Solutions.