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DNC Compliance

In recent years, the US government, as well as many state and local agencies, have implemented rigid guidelines for firms that participate in phone-based outreach activities.

In order to adhere to these guidelines, you need to know:

  • What is DNC?
  • What is the impact to my call center?
  • How do I ensure compliance?

What is DNC?

Do Not Call (DNC) is a registry that is managed by The Federal Trade Commission, The Federal Communications Commission, and state agencies. Maintained at the national, state, and local level, DNC gives customers the ability to “unsubscribe” from telemarketing activities and other types of unsolicited phone calls. Once a contact has been added to the “Do Not Call” (DNC) list, companies are legally prohibited from contacting them for promotional purposes.

What is the impact to my call center?

Under DNC guidelines, call centers are required to know who is on the list, and put appropriate mechanisms in place to ensure that they are not contacted by a representative. Businesses that do not adhere to DNC regulations may be subject to monetary fines and other penalties. Additionally, they may suffer damage to their image and reputation.

How do I ensure compliance?

Many call centers today are relying on error-prone manual activities such as merging/purging spreadsheets or removing contacts from a database one-by-one to facilitate DNC compliance. But, these methods can be ineffective, leaving businesses exposed and vulnerable, at risk of fines and penalties.

SafeSoft Solutions has designed and developed its contact center software with compliance in mind. Although no one in the industry can provide guarantees of compliance, our solution includes a variety of features such as variable dropped call percentages and optional drop timers with safe harbor messages that help you with your compliance.

Through our contact center solution’s simple and intuitive administration panel, supervisors and managers can:

  • Rapidly import existing DNC lists into the CRM database. All contacts on that list will be automatically suppressed during dialing campaigns.
  • Easily flag new phone numbers as DNC.
  • Give agents the ability to mark leads as DNC after they wrap up an interaction.

Want to improve the success of your phone-based outreach efforts, while ensuring compliance with DNC and other guidelines? Ask for a risk-free trial* of our solution, and find out how you can benefit from today’s most robust and feature-rich cloud-based call center software.

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