#1 Cloud Contact Center Solution for small/medium businesses


Informed and empowered agents are the most effective ones, and thats why so many companies today are implementing computer telephony integration. CTI software bridges the gap between computers and phone systems, bringing these two technologies together to optimize customer services. With a telephony solution in place, contact centers can make better use of customer information and other critical corporate data, to expand agent knowledge, boost staff efficiency, enhance service delivery, and minimize call lengths and related expenses.

CTI systems from SafeSoft are a hosted robust, full-featured environment that delivers dramatic improvements in operational productivity and cost-efficiency. Key capabilities include:

  • Voice/data synchronization
  • Screen pops
  • Integrated and flexible agent displays
  • Unmatched data capture and access
  • Dialed number identification (DNI)/automatic number identification (ANI)

Voice/Data Synchronization

Callers often provide information to another agent, or via an interactive voice system before they reach the appropriate representative. Having to repeat that information over and over again will not only frustrate customers, it will unnecessarily extend call lengths and drive up toll costs. But, with our solution, voice and data are dynamically sent simultaneously. So, information such as account number or sales order number will only need to be collected once, and will be automatically sent from one agents desktop to another as calls are transferred.

Screen Pops

Agent screens and scripts are automatically populated with pertinent information, based on a variety of pre-determined criteria, such as the number dialed, location of caller, or any information entered by the caller into an IVR system. As a result, our CTI applications ensure that agents handle customer interactions in the most intelligent and personalized manner possible.

Integrated and Flexible Agent Displays

In order to quickly and accurately answer questions and resolve problems, call center agents need access to a broad range of business applications, such as inventory, order entry, accounting, and other systems. Our system brings together applications from across an entire organization, and makes them readily accessible via an agents desktop. No custom development and no complex integration projects required. CTI applications from SafeSoft also give agents the ability to tailor their screen views, allowing them to display the information that is most relevant to their current campaign or area of responsibility.

Unmatched Data Capture and Access

Whether theyre selling to or servicing clients, agents collect vital information during the course of an interaction. Our software quickly and efficiently captures that data as it is entered, and stores it for easy access by other representatives and employees in the future. Additionally, the system can provide agents with direct access to virtually any system, application, or database. As a result, call handling times are reduced, and customer satisfaction is increased because agents have access to the information they need, whenever they need it.

Dialed Number Identification/Automatic Number Identification

Improve the precision of call routing and handling with robust DNI and ANI functionality. ANI identifies a caller, based on the number they are dialing from, while DNI determines which number the caller dialed in to. This provides agents with advance insight into why a customer or prospect may be calling, and facilitates transfer of calls to the appropriate agent or group of agents to ensure speedy resolution.

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