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Customer relationship management is a combination of processes, data, and systems that enable the effective execution and tracking of customer activities. With CRM products, the information gathered during the course of each interaction is captured, stored, and leveraged to provide vital intelligence that can be used to enhance future sales, marketing, and service efforts.

CRM empowers companies to:

  • Improve call quality
  • Segment and target their audience
  • Capture new leads
  • Track lead status and history
  • Share and integrate customer data

Dialers that do not include CRM functionality can minimize the results of outreach campaigns. Because call center agents won’t have immediate access to information about a contact’s history, they will have limited insight into their interests and behaviors. This increases the risk of customer conversations being impersonal and irrelevant, and can significantly reduce their impact. Additionally, supervisors will be unable to ensure that campaigns are targeted to the right customers, which can hinder the achievement of sales quotas and other goals.

At SafeSoft, we’ve integrated robust CRM functionality into our unified contact management solution. So, companies have everything they need to nurture and manage leads from end-to-end from the time an opportunity is identified, until the deal is closed in a single, fully-integrated solution. Our comprehensive lead management capabilities can empower organizations to:

Improve call quality

Agents can search for and locate any lead by any field in the database. So, at any time, they can gather important information about a customer they are interacting with, and structure the conversation based on that insight.

Segment and target their audience

Supervisors and agents can pull contact lists based on certain lead traits, characteristics, and demographics. This facilitates the implementation of more targeted, relevant, and ultimately more successful, campaigns and promotions.

Capture new leads

Fully-customizable forms allow for the dynamic capture of new leads and all related information.

Track lead status and history

Any lead, and all its associated activities, can be monitored from cradle to grave. So, supervisors can boost conversion and close rates by ensuring that timely follow up is being performed, and that all contacts are properly nurtured.

Share and integrate customer data

All lead information and related call activity histories contained within the integrated CRM database can be rapidly exported to Excel for further analysis, sharing with other departments, or import into other business applications .

Find out what our fully-integrated CRM functionality can do for your call center customer interactions. Ask for a risk-free trial* to see all the features and benefits our cloud-based solution has to offer.

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