#1 Cloud Contact Center Solution for small/medium businesses

Coaching and Monitoring

Our predictive dialer software gives supervisors the insight they need to instantly identify areas in need of improvement, so they can take immediate corrective action. With robust features to enhance coaching and monitoring, our Web hosted call center solution empowers supervisors and trainers to boost agent performance by:

Recording and storing calls

Supervisors can record all calls, or calls by specific agent, team, or time frame. Recordings are then stored in a comprehensive archive, complete with intuitive search facilities, for future access and use.

Retrieving and reviewing calls

Managers and team leaders can listen to recordings, and evaluate each agent’s effectiveness when it comes to serving client needs. Additionally, recorded calls that represent superior interactions can be used as training materials, demonstrating to less experienced agents how certain scenarios should be properly handled. Recordings can even be analyzed, with the results used at meetings to illustrate areas in need of improvement, problems with call center operations, etc.

Live monitoring

With our predictive dialer, supervisors can listen in on calls in progress, and offer real-time assistance to agents who are struggling with difficult situations. When needed, the supervisor can even enter the call, and speak to the customer themselves, to ensure a positive outcome.

Contact center software with integrated coaching and monitoring capabilities can make your agents more productive than ever before. Request a free trial* of our cloud-based call center software, and begin improving the effectiveness of your agents today.

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