#1 Cloud Contact Center Solution for small/medium businesses

Campaign Manager

Many contact centers particularly large or virtual call centers run multiple campaigns and promotions simultaneously.  That’s why it’s so important to choose a predictive dialer that can support the efficient and effective execution of multiple initiatives.

In order to effectively manage campaigns in progress, and ensure the achievement of related goals, call center managers need the ability to:

  • Manage agent assignments
  • Coordinate multiple campaigns
  • Adjust dialing speeds

Call center software by SafeSoft Solutions offers powerful campaign management capabilities that allow your supervisors to manage all campaigns in the most productive manner possible. So no matter how promotions you have in progress, you can easily coordinate activities, track results, and much more. With our predictive dialing system, supervisors can:

Manage agent assignments

Specific campaigns can be assigned only to certain agents, based on a variety of criteria such as experience or skill level. This helps ensure that the right representatives with the right backgrounds are working each promotion, so maximum results can be achieved.

Coordinate multiple campaigns

Supervisors can manage multiple campaigns and track related activities by individual agent, or across the entire call center workforce.

Adjust dialing speeds

Our hosted contact center software provides fully-adjustable dialing speeds, so the number of simultaneous calls placed for each logged in agent can vary from one campaign to the next. This allows supervisors to balance workloads accordingly. For example, rapid dialing speeds can be set for an aggressive sales force with a high quota, while slower speeds can be set for less-critical programs that are being handled by new or less-experienced agents.

Learn how you can boost the results of all your phone-based campaigns by requesting a free trial* of our state-of-the-art predictive dialer. For a limited time, you’ll gain full access to all the system’s features and functions, so you can see just how much value our call center solutions can provide to your business.

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