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Callback Notification

Today’s potential buyers are fickle. Without continuous outreach, they are likely to lose interest in a company’s products and services, or even worse, take their business to a competitor. Therefore, ongoing nurturing is crucial to maximizing sales, market share, and profits.

Many call centers fail to properly follow up on leads as they move through the sales cycle. Without the right tools to nurture leads in a timely manner, companies will struggle to achieve the desired results from their campaigns.

In order to ensure effective follow up, agents require:

  • Fast, simple callback scheduling
  • Dynamic callback reminders
  • Flexible callback handling
  • Comprehensive callback tracking

Predictive dialing software by SafeSoft Solutions empowers agents with the features they need to ensure prompt, timely follow up for each and every lead. With our robust hosted call center solution, agents can use their intuitive agent panel to leverage:

Fast, simple callback scheduling

Users can schedule a call back for any lead in the CRM database, selecting a month, day, and time that is most convenience for the contact.

Dynamic callback reminders

An agent’s typical day is often quite busy. As phones ring continuously, and customers ask questions or pose issues, they may unintentionally miss a scheduled callback. Our Web-hosted VoIP predictive dialer system ensures that agents never forget a callback. As the scheduled time approaches, the agent will receive an automatic reminder that includes all related lead information.

Flexible callback handling

Often times, agents will be busy with other activities, such as solving a critical customer problem, when a call-back is scheduled to take place. That’s why our predictive dialer gives agents the ability to handle scheduled callbacks in a variety of ways. They can easily dismiss, reschedule, or “snooze” the notification, as soon as it is received.

Comprehensive callback tracking

Agents and their supervisors can conveniently monitor scheduled callback activity, viewing a complete list of all scheduled callbacks, by agent, by team, or by time frame (day, week, month).

Learn how the callback notification features, as well as the many other powerful capabilities of our predictive dialer can help you win new customers and generate more revenue. Ask for a time-limited free trial* of our solution to see all the benefits for yourself.

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