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Call Recording

Optimized quality assurance is the key to providing existing and potential customers with the kind of of positive experience that makes them want to do business with a company again and again. With a comprehensive recording and monitoring strategy in place, organizations can ensure superior service and efficiency across all customer interactions. This, in turn, will contribute to higher rates of customer loyalty, retention, and profitability. Recording and monitoring can also aid in dispute handling, providing a documented record of previous conversations to accelerate resolution.

SafeSoft offers a broad suite of solutions, including fully integrated recording and monitoring. With powerful, yet easy to use features, our solutions provide supervisors, managers, team leaders, and trainers with the tools they need to accurately assess the performance of their agents, identify gaps and deficiencies, and implement the needed training to ensure that all representatives have the skills and knowledge needed to most effectively sell to and service prospects and clients.

Key capabilities of our software include:

  • Flexible recording options
  • Live monitoring and intervention
  • Comprehensive storage and retrieval
  • Distribution and sharing

Flexible Record Options

With our software, administrators have the utmost flexibility. Recordings can be started and/or stopped manually at any time, or scheduled to occur at pre-determined days and times. Recordings can even be automatically triggered by certain activities, such as when an agent picks up the phone, or when a transfer is made. And, records can be output in .wav or .vox digital formats.

Live Monitoring and Intervention

SafeSoft helps managers achieve optimum service quality by allowing them to actively listen in on calls in progress even when those calls are being handled by remote or at-home agents. This allows them to guide the agent through difficult or challenging scenarios, and helps ensure the most successful outcomes possible. Our solution even allows supervisors to intervene in calls, whenever needed, to assist struggling representatives.

Comprehensive Storage and Retrieval

All recordings are categorized and stored for fast access by managers, trainers, and other authorized staff members. Any recording can be easily located, at any time, through an intuitive facility that allows users to search by any criteria including agent, date, or dialed number.

Distribution and Sharing

Sharing recordings that represent best practices can help aid in training programs, demonstrating to less experienced agents how certain scenarios should be properly handled. Our systems allows managers to download recordings, and share them with other agents via email. This feature also improves how service disputes are managed, allowing users to distribute recordings to be reviewed by all those involved in resolution.

Improve agent performance and dispute resolution with contact center applications from SafeSoft Solutions. Ask for a risk-free trial* today to explore all the features and benefits of our solution, with no obligation to buy.

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