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Automatic call distribution is a valuable tool for today’s call centers, allowing them to streamline the transfer and routing of inbound calls. By leveraging a set of pre-defined rules to determine how calls are distributed among representatives and agent teams, ACD eliminates manual transferring, accelerates call handling, improves service levels, and increases staff efficiency.

SafeSoft systems provide powerful features that help contact centers improve the way they prioritize, route, and manage all their incoming calls. As a result, they can better balance agent workloads, while maximizing service levels by ensuring that caller issues are addressed quickly and effectively. This approach can not only boost customer satisfaction, it can provide measurable reductions in long distance charges and other fees.

Our ACD system offers:

  • Flexible call handling
  • Intelligent skills-based routing
  • Dynamic alerts
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Comprehensive integration

Flexible Call Handling

Applications from SafeSoft provide the widest array of call handling options. Administrators can easily define how calls are distributed in a variety of scenarios, including peak volumes and overflows. For example, when select agents are unavailable, administrators can choose to play a pre-recorded message, send the call to a voice mail box, or re-direct the call to another agent or group of agents.

Intelligent Skills-Based Routing

With our ACD, calls can be routed in the way that will guarantee that each customer speaks to the agent that is best equipped to answer their question or solve their problem. Calls are distributed based on a variety of factors, including dialed number, number dialed from, or data captured via interactive voice/ACD integration. For example, calls that dial into a company’s help desk number will be instantly transferred to those representatives who are well versed in troubleshooting and correcting technical problems. Or callers who dial a campaign-specific 800 number will be routed to those agents with superior sales skills. Calls can even be transferred directly to remote or at-home agents.

Dynamic Alerts

Maintaining optimum service levels is crucial to preserving customer loyalty. That’s why our solutions are designed to provide supervisors with instant email and screen alerts when critical conditions occur, such as when a call has been transferred too many times, or when a caller has waited on hold too long. This allows immediate corrective action to be taken before service levels and satisfaction are negatively impacted.

Reporting and Analysis

Our solution provides managers with robust reporting capabilities that allow them to precisely measure the effectiveness of call handling procedures. Supervisors can track and monitor resource utilization, wait and hold times, number of transfers, and other key metrics in real-time, quickly and easily via the Web. This provides them with the insight they need to maximize caller satisfaction by developing the more successful call handling strategies.

Comprehensive Integration

Because it is part of our fully unified suite, our ACD can be seamlessly linked with any other SafeSoft component, including CTI and call recording. Additionally, our distributor can be integrated with any other popular third-party telephony asset, including switches and PBX systems. As a result, companies can over come the challenges associated with ACD/IVR integration, and other telephony infrastructure issues, without the need for complex integration middleware.

How can an ACD application from SafeSoft Solutions enhance the way your call center routes and handles incoming calls? Request a free trial* today to see for yourself, and witness the benefits first hand!

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