#1 Cloud Contact Center Solution for small/medium businesses


Effectively Manage Your Call Center Operations

Our easy-to-use integrated call center solution includes an industry-leading predictive dialer, a feature-rich productivity suite, CRM, customizable reporting tools and more that are used across multiple industries to drive revenue growth and lower cost-of-sales.

Whether you operate traditional or virtual call centers, SafeSoft Solutions can help you boost the results of your campaigns, while significantly improving the way you manage productivity and leads throughout their life-cycle.

Productivity Features

Following is a description of some of our most popular features.

A Secure Cloud-Based Service
You won’t have to purchase high priced equipment or allocate expensive technical resources to use SafeSoft Solutions cloud-based call center. All hardware and software is already up and running at our secure facilities, so set up can be completed in just a few hours or less. And once the software is up and running, on-going maintenance is handled our skilled and experienced technical and support teams. You’ll have even more time to focus on your phone-based sales and marketing strategies, without worrying about technology issues.
End-to-End Outbound Dialing Support
Call numbers in succession from a database
Dial multiple numbers for each contact
Schedule call backs
Initiate three-way conference calls
Transfer calls in progress to other representatives
Restrict dialing by day, time zone, or other variables
Create separate caller IDs for each campaign
Mark the outcome of each call (i.e. not interested, sale, etc.)
Comprehensive Lead Management
Cradle-to-grave activity and history tracking
The ability to “pull” contact lists by demographics
Dynamic lead capture through fully-customizable forms
Rapid export of call and lead information into Excel
Dropped Call Management
Variable Dropped Call Percentages
Optional drop timers with safe harbor messages
Flexible Call Handling and Blending
Take inbound, as well as outbound calls
Pre-recorded messages to be played when answering machines are detected
Recycle calls that resulted in a busy signal, voice mail box, or no answer
Real-Time Tracking of Performance Statistics
 Lead status
 Call results
 Average call lengths
 Agent performance metrics such as number of calls made, talk time, and system log in/logout times
Campaign Productivity Dashboard
Supervisors also have easy access to a broad range of capabilities that enable more effective management of outbound campaigns, such as:
Routing of all calls to any idle agent, to those agents who have not recently received or completed a live call, or in order based on manager-defined user levels. Calls can also be distributed based on agent skill sets or other variables.
Call recording and playback, as well as “live” monitoring of calls in progress, to enable accurate assessment and ongoing improvement of each agent’s performance. Supervisors can even provide advice and guidance to agents after or during an interaction.
Adjustable dialing ratios for each campaign that dictate how many lines the dialer system will use. This allows the number of outbound calls to be maximized based on the pool of available agents.
Flexible allocation of leads and campaigns across the call center. Agents will see which contacts and promotions they have been assigned to each time they log into the predictive dialing software. 

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To learn more about all of our cloud-based call center features, pricing options, a free trial and any limited-time promotions, please contact the SafeSoft Solutions sales team today at (888) 456-5454.