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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has implemented rigid guidelines related to the use of recorded messages for marketing and other purposes. These rules:

Apply to any type of recorded message
FTC rules must be taken into account for any type of recorded message sent via an automated voice broadcasting system, whether it is an appointment reminder, notification of an upcoming event or promotion, product warranty or recall update, or other type of communication.

Address both community and commercial use
The FTC guidelines apply to pre-recorded phone messages for both commercial and community purposes. Therefore, all corporations, organizations, government agencies, and all other entities are subject to adherence and should review the rules carefully. For more information, see SafeSoft Solutions summary of the guidelines.

Require a formal opt-out program
One of the key features of Call Blitzer is an intuitive press through capability that allows call recipients to quickly and easily add themselves to a firms do not call (DNC) list. Each recording must begin with a brief introduction of the company or organization, followed by instructions on how to opt-out of future messages (i.e. selecting a specific number on a touch tone phone). Pressing the indicated key will dynamically add the dialed phone number into a DNC file. Subsequent attempts to dial this number will then be automatically blocked by the Call Blitzer system.

SafeSoft Solutions believes in the integrity of all outbound calling initiatives, and strongly supports all DNC guidelines. Therefore, we urge all our clients to review, understand, and follow these regulations closely.