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Critical Attributes of an Outbound Platform

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Inbound Call Center

Our cloud-based inbound call center product provides a full suite of inbound call center features, at a price you can afford. And you never have to miss an inbound call again!

  • Skill-based RoutingThe built-in automatic call distributor (ACD) automatically directs calls to the best agent, a specific agent queue, an overflow queue, a voice mail box, the IVR or even to a specific agent extension.
  • Screen PopsCaller data can be screen-popped to the agent’s desktop directly from the caller’s IVR selections or the caller ID. This personal contact and order information follows the call if it is transferred.
  • IVRThe system contains a full featured Interactive Voice Response unit to enable self-service and to automatically route calls to appropriate agents based on keypad selections.
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Outbound Calling and Campaigns

Whether you’re setting appointments, making sales calls, or collecting past due payments, the SafeSoft Outbound Dialer can help you reach more customers/prospects, much more quickly. No more manual dialing for your agents.

  • Predictive Dialing Increase talk time by as much as 400% by avoiding voice mail boxes, busy signals, and disconnected numbers. Our Predictive Dialer is designed to pre-dial, screen and deliver live calls in anticipation of an agent becoming free.
  • Preview DialingWhen outbound calls require preparation time, our Preview Dialing is what you need. The number and other customer data is automatically displayed for the agent before the call is placed. Preview dialing is often used in complex or sensitive customer interactions.
  • Broadcast MessagesUsed to deliver digital voice messages to lots of recipients at once. For example, MD’s can let patients know when flu shots are in, businesses can inform their customers of changes in policy, or the marketing department can keep customers and prospects aware of special promotions and sales offers.
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Blended Call Center

A successful, full-functioning call center today must combine the best of both inbound and outbound call management in an integrated fashion. This combined approach gives your organization the ability to handle inbound and outbound calls through the same centralized contact center system. This enables you to best leverage the specialized skills and abilities of your agents across both channels. The result is better agent utilization, enhanced decision making, offering the right agent at the right time, and consolidated call center administration.

  • Coordinate Inbound and Outbound Calling ActivitiesWhether customers are calling you, or you are calling them, you can better manage all of your inbound and outbound call center operations simultaneously, while ensuring the highest levels of interaction quality and agent productivity.
  • All the Tools you Need Call recording, coaching and monitoring, and other innovative features provide blended call centers with the ability to track and manage performance across the entire call center. Managers will have all the tools they need to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of both inbound and outbound agents.
  • No Technical Expertise RequiredOur cloud-based software is so easy to use that you do not need any prior technical knowledge to operate or manage your blended call center.
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