Customer Referral Program

Make money by helping SafeSoft increase its user base.

Referral Program

Earn Commissions On Qualified Referrals

Our customers and partners know us best. That’s why we reward them with a generous commission for successful referrals that turn into new SafeSoft Solutions customers.

We also welcome and reward referrals from all industry professionals who are familiar with our leading cloud-based call center solution!

Program Highlights

Following are a few key features of our Referral Program:

* Commission is calculated based on net seat license fees only. (This calculation excludes professional development fees, customization fees and any local or long distance telecommunications charges.)

* The referral must be new, meaning that SafeSoft Solutions has had no prior engagement with or knowledge of the referred company.

Submit A Referral

If you have a referral* to share with us, please fill out the form below and click submit. Place your email address and phone number in the ‘referring agent’ fields.

* Referral rewards are not available for prospects that SafeSoft Solutions has a prior engagement with, or notice of.

This is a summary of SafeSoft Solutions’ Referral Program. The SafeSoft Solutions Master Referral Program Agreement governs all terms and conditions of any payments or possible obligations. Please contact our sales team for details.