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Travel Agencies

In the travel industry, telemarketing is one of the most proven techniques for generating leads, developing travel plans, and promoting and booking vacation packages. The key to boosting revenues is to reach out to potential travelers faster and more effectively than the competition. Our dialing software offers calling functionality that will make any agency more productive and profitable – allowing them to promote travel packages and other offerings to a much wider audience, and provide better services to existing clients.


With Market Dialer’s CRM capabilities, travel advisors can easily keep track of prior interactions and other historical information. A powerful, yet intuitive front-end allows them to easily see the status of previous calls, review current customer information, and add data collected during the course of interactions. This provides them with valuable insight into each prospect’s interests, so they can better target them for specific travel promotions and vacation packages.

Quality Monitoring

Market Dialer comes with integrated call recording and monitoring capabilities that allow managers to evaluate agent performance, assess agent effectiveness, and take corrective action to maximize consulting and closing skills.

Complete Reporting

Agency managers can ensure optimum sales effectiveness by tracking vital patterns and trends in agent and campaign performance. Our predictive dialers enable real-time reporting of:

  • Lead status
  • Call results
  • Average call lengths
  • Calls made
  • Talk time
  • Agent log in/log out
  • And much more!

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