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Political Campaigning

Gathering opinions, influencing decisions, or soliciting monetary donations for a campaign requires the ability to reach out to a large volume of voters, as quickly as possible. Our dialer accelerates the number of voters your volunteers can speak to by eliminating the need for them to manually dial number after number, only to deal with busy signals, answering machines, or bad numbers. Phone calls are automatically generated and transferred only when a live person has answered. As a result, volunteers can spend more time on what’s really important working with and garnering support from the public.


Since most campaign-related work is performed by volunteers, the nature of the workforce can be characterized as enthusiastic but temporary, with new people involved almost every day. This creates special problems for political campaigns, making it particularly challenging to achieve consistent, continuous results.


The biggest problems political campaigns face is training and productivity. How can an initiative gain momentum if the volunteers are always new, and must learn how to use the predictive dialer before they can become efficient? SafeSoft knows that speed-to-productivity is a major concern for political organizations, and have designed and built products that are easy to use and fast to learn. And training is provided, absolutely free. Safe Soft knows speed-to-productivity is one of your major concerns, and we have the right solution.

Support Costs

A second major problem is thin infrastructure support. Political campaigns can’t waste money on equipment, software applications and supporting personnel. SafeSoft Solutions provides telephone contact solutions that are Web-hosted and fee based rather than site developed capital investments. That means we support the hardware and software at a remote site and you simply sign on to the Internet and call supporters.

Complete Package

With a SafeSoft predictive dialing solution, you get a complete package – for one affordable monthly user fee. You simply “pay as you go”, using the service as long as you like, and stopping at any time, with no cancellation fee or penalty of any kind.

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