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Non-Profit Organizations

Fund-raising is, by far, the most important activity for today’s non-profit companies. Without the ability to reach out to potential benefactors and solicit donations, charitable organizations will lack the funds needed to implement important programs and services.

Our dialers are ideal for supporting charity telemarketing programs for fundraising purposes. Remote access allows fund-raising representatives to easily work from home or off-site locations. Call transfer capabilities facilitate the verification of donation information. And, customizable data capture forms accelerate the collection of donor contact details.


Since most of the work within a charitable or fund-raising campaign is done by volunteers, the workforce can be characterized as enthusiastic but temporary, with new people involved almost every day. This creates special problems for the non-profit organization. Getting them up-to-speed and productive as quickly as possible is the key to success. Because they eliminate manual dialing activities, and connecting volunteers to a call only when a live person answers, our solutions increase efficiency and maximize talk time. So, volunteers spend more time raising money for a good cause, and less time dealing with busy signals, fax machines, wrong numbers, answering machines, and disconnected lines.


The biggest problems charities face when implementing donor contact campaigns is training and productivity. How can a fund-raising campaign gain any momentum if the volunteers are always new and learning how to use the predictive dialer?

Our innovative predictive dialing products are designed to be easy to use and fast to learn. In fact, comprehensive dialer training is included with your monthly fee. And, customized Web forms automatically appear on a volunteer’s screen when a live call is answered. Any existing donor information can be displayed, along with a complete donor collection script to guide the volunteer through the process. Your volunteer reps will require less training, feel more prepared, and be more confident in their work – so they can more effectively raise the needed money to support important initiatives.

Support Costs

A second major problem caused by a temporary workforce is a lack of infrastructure support. Charities can’t waste money on equipment, software applications, and supporting personnel. Our predictive dialer is Web-hosted and fee-based, making it far more economical and cost-effective than on-site systems which require substantial capital investments. That means we support the hardware and software at a remote site, and you simply sign on to the Internet to call donors and promote your cause.

Complete Package

With a SafeSoft predictive dialing solution, you get a complete package – for one affordable monthly user fee. You simply “pay as you go”, using the service as long as you like, and stopping at any time, with no cancellation fee or penalty of any kind.

See for yourself how SafeSoft Solutions can help you achieve greater results from your fund-raising efforts. Request a free trial* today, or call us for more information at .

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