#1 Cloud Contact Center Solution for small/medium businesses

Mortgage Services

Phone-based sales account for a huge portion of revenues for mortgage companies. That’s why lenders and other mortgage service providers need to make sure their outbound calling efforts are as efficient and effective as possible.

Mortgage Dialer is the only software package that is powerful and complete enough to meet the complex telemarketing needs of the mortgage industry. With a broad range of innovative features, this cutting-edge Web-hosted predictive dialer helps mortgage brokers and agents to overcome the challenges associated with acquiring and retaining clients, so they can maximize profits.

Efficient Cloud-based Solution

The Mortgage Dialer improves both call volumes and “talk time” by eliminating the need for agents to manually dial numbers, only to deal with fax machines, disconnected numbers, busy signals, and voice mail. It’s a VoIP solution that’s offered to your business right from the Web. Our system can intelligently predict when your loan agents will be available to handle a live customer call. And because the system transfers only live customer calls, your staff can spend more time leveraging business opportunities, so they can close more new loans, and tap into new income streams such as loan modifications. And for lenders that handle their own collections, our predictive dialers can improve outreach to delinquent homeowners, and optimize the recovery of past due payments.

Collect Data Efficiently

Mortgage Dialer minimizes time-consuming manual data entry work with a standard 1003 form that can be pre-filled with lead information extracted directly from a fully-integrated CRM database. What’s more, questions related to credit history can be incorporated into call scripts, and the needed background data can be gathered on the spot as agents are speaking to prospective clients.

Improved Customer Service

A call-back function, with automatic reminders, makes agents more punctual and efficient when setting and confirming appointments. So, mortgage companies can better handle their leads, and instantly identify and take advantage of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Quality Monitoring

The Mortgage Dialer comes with integrated call recording and monitoring capabilities that allow managers to evaluate agent performance, assess agent effectiveness, and take corrective action to maximize consulting and closing skills.

Complete Reporting

Agency managers can also ensure optimum sales effectiveness by tracking vital patterns and trends in agent and campaign performance. Our predictive dialers enable real-time reporting of:

  • Lead status
  • Call results
  • Average call lengths
  • Calls made

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