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Merchant Services

The merchant services industry is a highly competitive one. Organizations must not only offer quality programs and services to retailers, restaurants, e-commerce firms, and other merchants, they must generate awareness in their respective markets, and effectively promote those services in order to succeed.

Predictive dialing technologies empower merchant services firms to more successfully market their offerings, such as credit card processing and billing, loyalty programs, gift certificates and cards, and more. By eliminating the need for agents to manually dial number after number, only to deal with disconnected lines, voice mail, fax machines, and busy signals, predictive dialers boost the success of telemarketing outreach initiatives, and allow companies to communicate with more merchants in a shorter period of time.

Campaign Execution and Management

Our predictive dialers maximize call volumes and talk time. So, companies can reach out to more merchants and promote their services to a wider base of potential customers. As a result, they can boost credit card processing, increase the number of terminal placements, and achieve other important sales and revenue goals. Additionally, a variety of advanced capabilities, such as integrated CRM and comprehensive reporting, allow merchant services companies to better manage multiple programs and promotions that are taking place simultaneously.

Improve Customer Service

Because it effectively blends inbound and outbound calling capabilities, and provides fully integrated CRM that maintains interaction histories for all contacts, our predictive dialer allows companies in the merchant services industry to provide better customer service through more rapid resolution of transaction disputes and other issues.

Virtual Solution

Many merchant services organizations employ staff members who work from branches, home offices, and other remote locations. Our cloud-based predictive dialer is a “virtual” solution that can be conveniently accessed anytime, anywhere from any Internet-enabled PC.

Quality Monitoring

Powerful call recording and quality monitoring features capture phone interactions for later review and assessment. These records can be used to manage call quality, accelerate dispute handling, and more.

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