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Insurance Companies

For today’s insurance companies, telemarketing is an essential component of any effective sales, marketing, or customer loyalty strategy. Predictive dialers from SafeSoft Solutions help insurers of all types, including life, property and casualty, and annuity, to make their outbound calling efforts more productive and successful than ever before.

With an advanced algorithm that dynamically and intelligently adjusts dialing speeds based on predicted agent availability, our software eliminates waiting periods between calls and maximizes “talk time”. So agents speak to more existing and potential policy holders each and every day. Our integrated CRM, maximum scalability, and comprehensive lead tracking also further improve agent productivity, so insurance firms can boost profits by issuing more policies and renewals, and up-selling more complimentary coverage to current clients.


With Market Dialer’s CRM capabilities, a telesales rep can easily see the status of previous calls, review current customer information, and add data collected during the course of customer interactions. It includes a powerful front-end customer interface that most CRM systems lack. So, leads can be managed from end-to-end, from the time an opportunity is identified, until the policy is issued.

Quality Monitoring

Market Dialer comes with integrated call recording and moni­toring capabilities that allow call center managers to evaluate agent performance, assess agent effectiveness, and take corrective action to maximize success. So insurers can guarantee that agents are selling in the most effective way, or providing superior service to each and every policy holder.


Sales managers can ensure optimum sales effectiveness by tracking vital patterns and trends in agent and campaign performance. Our predictive dialers enable real-time reporting of:

  • Lead status
  • Call results
  • Average call lengths
  • Calls made
  • Talk time
  • Agent log in/log out
  • And much more!

Virtual Solution

Many insurance companies employ agents who work from branches, home offices, and other remote locations. Our Web-hosted predictive dialer is a “virtual” solution that can be conveniently accessed anytime, anywhere from any Internet-enabled PC.


SafeSoft’s Market Dialer has a powerful administrative function that is designed to give you control over FCC and FTC compliance. For example, you can avoid calling consumers during certain times of the day, more easily manage the number of “dropped calls”, and automatically prevent calling any customer who has re­quested not to be contacted by registering on the do-not-call list.


Many insurance companies need to quickly and easily share information about policies, coverage, and legislation. The SafeSoft Call Blitzer can automatically place calls to policy holders and broadcast pre-recorded messages, instantly informing them of changes to policies or claims procedures. It can also be used to remind them when policies are expiring, renewals are pending, or payments are past due. During the message, the customers can select an option for direct customer support with a single keystroke.

Learn more about predictive dialers from SafeSoft Solutions, and how they can help you boost sales and provide better service to your policyholders. Ask for a risk-free trial* today, or call us for more information at .

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