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Government Institutions

Government agencies are under increasing pressure to deliver better, more responsive service to the public. In order to do so, they must find ways to better communicate with constituents, keeping them informed of new policies, available services, upcoming events, and more. Yet, connecting with tens of thousands of people in an efficient manner presents many challenges, forcing staff to spend countless hours reaching out to the public by phone or by mail.

With predictive dialers, government agencies can eliminate cumbersome, time-consuming manual activities that drain time and resources. Staff members will spend less time dialing number after number, only to deal with fax machines, busy signals, voice mail boxes, or disconnected lines. So, they can spend more time interacting with the people they serve, sharing important information, conducting surveys and polls, and much more.

Rapid Contact and Notification

With SafeSoft Solutions, agencies can share vital information with residents faster and more cost-effectively. They can instantly notify locals about public emergencies or meetings, or provide them with updates about projects and initiatives in progress. Thousands of numbers can be dynamically dialed in a short period of time. People who pick up will hear a pre-recorded message containing all pertinent information, and can choose to be connected to a live agent if needed.

Polls and Surveys

Government agencies must consistently collect feedback from the public, to ensure that the services they are providing are meeting the needs and expectations of local residents. Predictive dialers from SafeSoft are ideal for facilitating the fast, accurate completion of polls, surveys, and other opinion-gathering techniques.

Complete Call Coverage

The system will note which numbers resulted in voice mail, busy signals, or no answer, and automatically try them again later. This not only dramatically increases staff productivity; it ensures that the public gets the information they need, as soon as they need it.

Virtual Solution

Many federal, state and local teams employ staff members who work from branches, home offices, and other remote locations. Our Web-hosted predictive dialer is a “virtual” solution that can be conveniently accessed anytime, anywhere from any Internet-enabled PC. This means that staff can work from home or at remote disaster recovery locations, yet still remain productive.

Quality Monitoring

Government agencies can also take advantage of a powerful call recording option that can capture phone interactions for later review. These records can be used to manage call quality, accelerate dispute handling, and more.

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