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Educational Institutions

Schools, colleges, and universities must build strong relationships with students and their parents. Communication is the key to creating that bond, but as enrollment grows, reaching out to every family has become increasingly challenging. Our automated dialing system can help these institutions quickly and easily share information.


The SafeSoft Call Blitzer can announce special events, alert families about school closings or distribution of report cards, schedule parent-teacher conferences, and more. Thousands of calls can be automatically made, with parents being connected directly to school staff, or to a pre-recorded message, as soon as they pick up the phone.

Support Costs

What’s more schools can’t waste money on equipment, software applications and supporting personnel. SafeSoft Solutions provides message broadcast solutions that are Web-hosted and fee-based rather than on-site developed capital investments. That means we support the hardware and software at a remote site and you simply sign on to the Internet and create the messages you need broadcast.

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