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Debt Settlement

For debt settlement firms, the ability to negotiate as many payoffs and consolidations as possible is the key to success. But, in order to do so, they must be able to interact with a large number of debtors in a short period of time. Therefore, they must maximize the number of calls they make each day, and eliminate the manual dialing activities that distract agents from their main objective – negotiating debt settlements.

Improved Productivity

Predictive dialers from SafeSoft Solutions automate the dialing process from end-to-end. Debt settlement agents are freed from the cumbersome task of manually dialing numbers, only to receive busy signals, wrong or disconnected numbers, fax machines, or voice mail. Productivity is optimized, talk time is significantly increased, and results (and revenues) will be dramatically improved because agents will spend less time dialing, and more time settling debt.

Payment Reminders

With our predictive dialers, debt settlement agents can contact thousands – or even tens of thousands – of delinquent debtors, and kindly remind them about overdue payments. These friendly reminders can accelerate and improve the recovery process.

Enhanced Interactions and Negotiations

Fully-integrated CRM capabilities allow you to record and store the results of each call, so you can track late accounts from cradle-to-grave, and build a dialog with the customer rather than a series of disjointed conversations that simply repeat the same demand. What’s more, call backs can be scheduled for the same agent for improved continuity and success, and increased recovery ratios.


With Market Dialer, you can work in compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which limits the number of collection call attempts made on a daily basis. Simply select the time of day for calling and regulate the number of attempts that are made.

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